ELARI EcoBattery: AA lithium

ELARI EcoBattery: AA lithium

Andrey Vinogradov

The ecothem is at its peak today: from all the stands claim to reduce emissions, ban plastic bags, disposable tableware, etc. Is it really a concern for the environment, not
marketing tricks, separate conversation issues, but some of the technologies I personally like. Take, for example, ordinary batteries – the devices that work on them, more and more every year. moreover
most users prefer the cheapest batteries, which serve for a very long time, but for a long time remain “in the memory” of our mother land. But the way out is the batteries, which
can be recharged repeatedly. However, this often requires the purchase of a special charger. And they have a much more pronounced effect of self-discharge, as a result of life, for example,
Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery does not match the stated.


But here are two blisters in front of me: each pair of ELARI EcoBattery lithiums with standard-size USB connectors
AA. There is nothing more in the set, and why – everything is clear and so. When closed, the battery is different from a normal battery, but if you slightly pull the green tip where the plus is located,
The standard USB Type-A connector will now open. Now, just plug the EcoBattery into the appropriate port of any charger, laptop or power outlet, and a translucent ring around the connector
will turn red – the process is gone. When enough energy is available, the indicator light turns green. Very comfortable! Only a thin elastic band holding the cap- “plus” – as far as its
enough with active use, a big question.


I decided to compare the running time of ELARI EcoBattery with Duracell and FLARX alkaline batteries in different devices. All subjects were discharged with a direct current of 200 mA to a voltage of 0.7 V.

Measured capacity, Wh



Duracell TurboMax




As the table shows, the real ELARI EcoBattery capacity is inferior to the alkaline counterparts. This is due to the fact that almost half of the housing is a connector and electronics, because the voltage
Li-ion battery is not 1.5 V, as required, and 3.7 V. Thus, to obtain the desired voltage here is installed a step-down converter.


But keep in mind that charging ELARI EcoBattery is virtually worthless, and you can do it up to 500 times – according to the manufacturer, the benefit becomes apparent not only to nature, but
and for the wallet. In the process of research I also conducted a self-test – it was about 3% in 15 days.

ELARI EcoBattery’s maximum amperage is 400 mA, so these batteries are well suited for medium and low power devices such as electronic toys,
flashlights, etc.

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No charger required

Unreliable cap mount

990 rubles (2 batteries)

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