Elden Ring has reached one of the final stages of development and is ready for public display

Elden Ring has reached one of the final stages of development and is ready for public display

Blogger and modder Lance McDonald, in a recent live stream on his Twitch channel, commented on the development status of From Software’s Elden Ring action RPG.

Officially, nothing has really been heard about Elden Ring since the announcement in June 2019, but McDonald has reason to believe that the game has entered one of the last stages of production.

The blogger came to this conclusion based on the information he has about the participation of contractors in the project: “Elden Ring seems to have people who are brought in when the games are almost finished”

According to McDonald, it looks like Elden Ring is ready for a public show. At the same time, the modder admitted that he does not know if the game will appear at the upcoming The Game Awards 2020.

Formerly Former Senior Editor at Game Informer Imran Khan on my microblog admitted that Elden Ring may indeed receive a new trailer in the near future.

McDonald commented on a possible Elden Ring premiere date. Recently there were rumors that the game was supposed to be released in March 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release will be delayed by “Two to three months”

MacDonald does not believe in such an optimistic time frame, otherwise he would already know much more about the project: “I don’t think it’s coming out so soon. Probably sometime next year, but I don’t have enough information. “

“If I know something for sure, I will not spoil the surprise. Big game, excitement. If I suddenly stop gossiping about Elden Ring, then, most likely, I happened to learn something cool about her “– shared MacDonald.

According to official figures, Elden Ring is being created for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but the game may also be released on next-generation consoles. The RPG From Software has no release date yet.

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