Место для парковки электромобилей. Источник изображения: Reuters

Electric motor maker Nidec to buy Mitsubishi Heavy to provide complete EV solutions

According to Japanese news agency Nikkei, electric motor manufacturer Nidec is buying a division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. For about 30 billion yen ($ 285 million), Nidec will own the assets and developments of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool. The acquisition will allow Nidec to take over automotive gear development and become a complete traction solutions provider for electric vehicles.

Parking place for electric vehicles. Image source: Reuters

Parking space for electric vehicles. Image source: Reuters

Nidec previously announced plans to become the world’s leading manufacturer of electric motors for electric vehicles. She was able to become a monopoly in the market for electric motors for hard drives and hopes to apply her experience in a new field. For this, in particular, Nidec is investing in the expansion of production, in the purchase of the necessary assets and in the development of about $ 10 billion until 2025. And by the way, according to the source, the company already has orders for the manufacture of 2.5 million electric motors for electric vehicles until 2025.

It should be noted that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool, as the division’s name suggests, manufactures industrial equipment for the manufacture of automotive gears, not the gears themselves. The division owns 60% of the market for similar equipment in Japan. This will give Nidec not only experience in the manufacture of gears and gears, but the basis of this market – the production of industrial equipment. In addition, this will allow the company to fully customize the production of electric traction solutions for its developments.

Traction motor manufactured by Nidec. Image source: Nidec

Traction motor manufactured by Nidec. Image source: Nidec

For Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the sale of the Machine Tool division is a loss run. The failure to launch the new long-haul liner SpaceJet into series production and economic problems in Japan forced Mitsubishi Heavy to get rid of inappropriate business. Nidec worked well for this.

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