Elon Musk admitted that Apple could buy Tesla, but Tim Cook missed this opportunity

Elon Musk admitted that Apple could buy Tesla, but Tim Cook missed this opportunity

Billionaire Elon Musk admitted on his Twitter page that in times of problems with the launch of mass production of the Model 3 electric car, he was ready to sell Tesla to Apple. Musk contacted its CEO Tim Cook, but he refused to meet and discuss the plan.

Against the backdrop of recent rumors, Musk continued to be frank and told a rather interesting story about how recently Apple could buy Tesla. He noted that even three years ago, Tesla was only 1 / 10th of its current market price. Tesla is now the most expensive car maker in the world, but back in 2017, the company was rapidly losing money and did not produce electric vehicles in large quantities. It was at this gloomy moment for the company that Elon Musk tried to contact Tim Cook and wanted to offer Apple to take over Tesla. However, the Apple executive then turned down the offer to meet.

Then, in 2018, Musk admitted that a year earlier the company was literally one step away from bankruptcy, since all available funds were used to increase the production of Model 3. Despite a huge number of problems, the automaker managed to survive, launch the Model Y crossover on the market, and also announce new futuristic off-road vehicle Cybertruck.

Apple and its head did not react to Musk’s statements.

As the resource indicates The verge, within the last five years Apple every now and then returned to the issue of producing its own electric and self-driving cars, but the final decision in favor of this idea, the company from Cupertino could take only this week. One of the reasons for the change of opinion is called her technological progress in the development of batteries. According to the information publication ReutersApple was able to develop new lithium iron phosphate batteries that use a unique “single cell” design that allows for larger cells with more densely packed active material.

On his Twitter page, Elon Musk noted that Tesla is already using iron phosphate batteries in some of its mid-range electric vehicles produced at its factory in China. He also drew attention to the fact that the latest rumors may contain a mistake regarding the “single cell” design of the batteries.

This configuration has proven to be unsuitable, Musk said, as its maximum output voltage is about 100 times lower than that of multiple batteries combined into a single unit. This is the approach Tesla is currently taking in battery production.

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