Elon Musk personally tested the Cybertruck pickup

Elon Musk personally tested the Cybertruck pickup

American television presenter and famous car collector Jay Leno invited Elon Musk to visit a Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck in a recent episode of his show. Among other things, they drove through the underground tunnel under Los Angeles, which was excavated by the Boring Company owned by Mask.

During the filming of the show, Elon Musk demonstrated the operation of the steel trunk lid, which is equipped with an electric drive. Instead of answering the question of the presenter, is the retractable boot lid strong enough, Musk just climbed on it, thereby demonstrating that this part of the structure holds its weight without problems.

After that, Musk and Leno got into Cybertruck and drove to the test tunnel, which was dug by the Boring Company near Los Angeles. During the movement, Musk and Leno talked, mainly discussing the details that are already known to the general public. It was noted that inside the cabin is quite spacious and bright. As for driving through one of the underground tunnels, which in the future is planned to be used to quickly move Tesla electric vehicles, the most interesting question was whether Cybertruck fits on a special platform. However, everything went well, and during the filming of the show there were no problems due to the impressive dimensions of the electric pickup.

Although this video is not positioned as an advertisement, it is probably just that, and is intended to draw more attention to the Tesla electric pickup.

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