Empire of Sin 1.03 update fixes the biggest bugs

The next major update for Empire of Sin, serial number 1.03, will focus on improving combat and solving mission-related issues. All changes were made based on the feedback received from the player community.


Let’s remind that the premiere of the project was not the most successful. There were a lot of bugs and shortcomings on release. In particular, the ill-conceived battles in the shelters of the opposing groups led to the complete destruction of the gang. There was no need to painstakingly build an empire, develop diplomatic relations and prepare sabotages: it was enough to kill the enemy boss and seize the racketeering points belonging to the faction.

Battles in Empire_of_Sin

After the release of patch 1.03, a lot of efforts will have to be made to seize foreign territory. Headquarters will no longer appear on the map just because opponents have been spotted near them. Instead, you will need to poach and take over the enterprises owned by the opponent. After that, hints of the location of a competitor’s shelter can be found in buildings.

Refuge and racketeering points in Empire_of_Sin

At the same time, all racketeering points will be “equipped” with trained guards who will become even stronger over time. As part of the balance change, weapon effectiveness will also decrease, and critical damage will be optimized. So, for example, rifles will be less effective at penetrating armor, and submachine guns will become less effective at long range. The overall boost of opponents will be offset by fewer random street encounters.

Night streets in Empire_of_Sin

With the release of update 1.03, it will be possible to avoid skirmishes if the head of the mafia is not involved in them, and in future patches to calculate the outcome of such battles automatically. Other changes will affect the variety of buildings and the appearance of the bandits, the settings of the user interface and the removal of fast travel: it will be possible to teleport only between the hideout and taxi locations.

The release of version 1.03 is planned for this month, but the exact date has not yet been determined.

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