Energy “numbers”: how AI and mobility prevent energy losses

Roman Konovalov

Within the digitalization of the energy sector, there are two main trends: the introduction of mobile solutions and the use of artificial intelligence. These technologies make it possible to exclude
notorious human factor and improve business efficiency at times.

Energy quickly “clever”

Five to seven years ago, the energy industry was considered one of the most conservative, with low penetration of new technologies. Today the situation has changed dramatically: speed
digitization in this area is one of the highest in the economy. Most businesses are switching to digital racks or plan to do so soon.

Energy digitization processes are actively going on around the world, and Russia is definitely not lagging behind. Of course, a key role in changing the priorities was played by the initiative of the state – the national project
The Digital Economy and the Ministry of Energy’s departmental project Digital Energy. I think that by 2030, the whole domestic energy complex will become automated and “smart”.

The neural network entangles the equipment

The efficiency of energy companies is increasing at times with the competent organization of monitoring of production assets. Modern technological solutions using “smart” sensors and
artificial intelligence collects and analyzes large amounts of data, providing managers with useful, structured information about each piece of equipment. Knowing, for example, is real
state of the transformer or pump, it is possible to plan their maintenance and repair in case of need, but not according to the plan, which will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the infrastructure.


Real-time sensor information is fed into a system that, through special algorithms, detects hidden, often unnoticeable, human-to-human trends.
the initial stage, a few weeks or months before the breakdown.

An example from life. At the large company refused generator, it resulted in losses of hundreds of millions of rubles, including penalties for disruption of electricity supply. But the accident could well
to prevent the intelligent monitoring system described above. As a rule, the losses from such incidents far exceed the costs of implementing modern technologies.

Mobility – to engineers!

Russia is characterized by a colossal length of transmission lines (transmission lines), which are monitored by visiting teams of specialists. So, do not do without mobile technology for
optimization of the processes of maintenance and repair of infrastructure objects.


Mobile solutions can serve to increase the efficiency and safety of all field staff – linemen, flaw detectors, service engineers, repair crews. Until now
they are then forced to fill out paper reports and transfer this data to the EAM / ERP system manually. In this case, the information may be incomplete, often delayed
critical. Different processes are also inevitable and deviations from the approved procedure. Automation of TOIs with mobile solutions helps to predict the company’s performance in line with
the most reliable and prompt information.

Up to 95% of industrial accidents are caused by human fault. Mobile solutions allow you to capture the fact of bypass, reducing the likelihood of fraud by technical staff. Except
In addition, the application installed on the mobile device displays the composition and sequence of operations during the inspection and controls their execution by employees, which directly contributes to the reduction
technological violations when performing works.


And that’s not all. Mobile solutions for managing the maintenance and repair of energy infrastructure facilities help optimize equipment maintenance costs.
For example, reliable data on the technical status of transmission lines and the equipment of substations will help to optimize the technical work and the purchase of spare parts.

The Digital Economy national project places particular emphasis on the need to introduce domestic technologies wherever possible. In addition, the issue of transition is being considered
energy companies to use the trusted Aurora mobile operating system (to work with mobile applications within automation systems). This is completely justified, considering
the increasing risks associated with the introduction of digital technologies and the high security requirements of key infrastructure. Moreover, there are domestic mobile solutions in our arsenal,
adapted to the Russian OS.

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IT-Expert Magazine [№ 01/2020],

Roman Konovalov

Roman Konovalov

President of the Sidis Group of Companies (CDC)

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