Engines for Soyuz-5 and Angara missiles successfully passed firing tests

Engines for Soyuz-5 and Angara missiles successfully passed firing tests

It became known that the RD-171MV and RD-191 engines intended for use in the Soyuz-5 and Angara launch vehicles have successfully passed firing tests. The TASS news agency writes about this with reference to the data of NPO Energomash.

The research and testing complex of NPO Energomash conducted fire tests of the RD-171MV liquid-propellant rocket engine intended for the Soyuz-5 rocket“, – reported in the press service of the enterprise. It was also confirmed that the fire tests of the RD-191 rocket engine, which was developed by NPO Energomash specialists and is intended for use in Angara launch vehicles, were successfully and fully carried out. The press service stressed that the fire tests carried out this month were “completed in full and passed as usual“.

Recall that in December last year, the head of the state corporation “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin announced the first full-size fire test of the world’s most powerful liquid-propellant rocket engine RD-171MV, which was successfully carried out. The RD-171MV liquid engine is being developed for the promising Soyuz-5 medium-class rocket, as well as for the super-heavy launch vehicle.

As for the RD-191 engine, it is a single-chamber engine with a vertically located turbo pump unit. The RD-191 engine with oxidizing gas afterburning has been developed since 1998 and is intended for use in Russian Angara missiles. This engine is based on the design of the RD-170 and RD-171 units.

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