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Equipment is being prepared for the manufacture of a new Soyuz-5 launch vehicle

The state corporation Roscosmos spoke about the work within the framework of the project of the promising space rocket complex (KRK) Soyuz-5.

Images of Roscosmos

Images of Roscosmos

Recall that the Soyuz-5 is a two-stage rocket with a sequential arrangement of steps. It is planned to use the RD171MV unit as the engine of the first stage, the RD0124MS engine of the second stage.

Work on the production of the carrier is assigned to the RCC “Progress” (part of Roscosmos). It is reported that with the participation of specialists from this rocket and space center at CJSC Cheboksary Enterprise Sespel, the first stage of acceptance work of equipment for friction stir welding with the Soyuz-5 rocket program was completed.

For the production of the carrier, three units will be manufactured at Sespel and equipment for them under friction welding with mixing of parts from aluminum alloys. According to the terms of reference, the plants are able to provide welding of sheets with a thickness of about 30 mm. Due to the high power of this equipment, the necessary indicators of the quality of the seam and the accuracy of the work are achieved.

Currently, the RCC “Progress” is preparing the foundation for equipment for welding. By the end of the current quarter, the first installation will be delivered to the enterprise in Samara.

Conducting flight tests of the new rocket is scheduled for 2022 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. In the future, Soyuz-5 is planned to be adapted for launches from Vostochny.

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