«ЭР-Телеком» присоединил «5 Джи Вайфай»

ER-Telecom joins 5 Ji Weifai

Catherine Alexandrova

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“ER-Telecom Holding” (TM “Dom.Gi” and “Dom.Gi Business”) has incorporated a subsidiary company “5 Ji Waifai” into the general structure of the enterprise.

Earlier, the company was named the executor of the federal project “Information Infrastructure” of the national program “Digital Economy” to connect to the Internet of socially significant
objects (WHO) in 13 regions of the Russian Federation. After joining, all rights and obligations of 5 Ji Weifai were transferred to ER-Telecom Holding.

By the end of 2021, it is planned to connect more than 15 315 WHO to the data network. At the end of 2019, the first phase of the project was successfully completed. 4,000 objects are connected.
By the fall of this year, the company wants to connect 4,909 socially significant sites.

We will remind that earlier the enterprise has bought in the municipality of Lipetsk 100% of shares of the operator of intercom services
Binom-TV This year, Air-Telecom upgrades the Binom-TV intercom network in 400 entrances, replacing outdated panels with smart IP intercoms. New technologies will open doors and
to watch the situation on the street through the app in the Smart Home.G smartphone.

A little earlier, the company acquired 100% of the telecommunications operator AHOUM (iHome). For EP-Telecom it is
was the first major acquisition in Moscow.

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