Escape from the giant policeman - 2 minutes of gameplay by the domestic Militsioner

Escape from the giant policeman – 2 minutes of gameplay by the domestic Militsioner

The domestic studio TallBoys, which previously created Where The Clouds End and Pandemic Express: Zombie Escape, presented its new project last year – the surreal first-person fugitive simulator Militsioner. Now the developers have shared a two-minute video that allows you to understand what the gameplay of this unusual entertainment looks like.

According to the description of the Militsioner, the main character was arrested on an ordinary day in a provincial town where a huge Policeman lives and works. Yes, Uncle Stepa is really a giant here. Perhaps someone lied, but at the same time all residents of the town are sure of the hero’s guilt. You need to run until the hero is imprisoned, but how to do it under the watchful eye of a giant law enforcement officer?

Now the developers are working on creating a demo. A curious feature of Militsioner is the ambitious and complex mechanics of voice input, which is demonstrated in the presented trailer. While English is recognized, so the player in the trailer speaks it. It will be important to convince the player of the convenience of voice interaction, because it is uncomfortable to talk not with a person. The studio is currently exploring various voice recognition systems and has so far settled on Microsoft’s technology used in Cortana. According to the authors, this way of interacting with the Policeman will be interesting and fresh.

“Free voice input feels very natural, and it can be interesting to open up in the game world: what if you yell at night? Should I call a car? Or ask for help? Try to cheat someone? There can be a number of interesting uses here that we haven’t seen before in any other game. In order for the policeman and the environment to understand the player, we are working on a system that will correctly process responses based on the context of the environment. It is important that she does not give out stupid mistakes and does not create obstacles to the passage, since the answers will affect the mood and attitude of the Policeman towards the player. Similar systems were used in Faсade and Phasmophobia, – the developers write.

It is promised that the gameplay depends on the perception of the player by the Policeman, and the artificial intelligence of the latter includes emotions and a clear moral compass. The simulator has many options for escape routes: the story is non-linear, and the provincial sandbox town is filled with cars, trams and trains.

Militsioner is tentatively slated for 2021 on PC. Steam has a game page where you can add it to your favorites.

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