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European Commission appeals court ruling overturning Apple’s payment of more than € 13 billion in taxes in Ireland

The European Commission, as promised, appealed the ruling of the European Court of General Jurisdiction, which overturned its decision to pay Ireland more than 13 billion euros in taxes, because the American company was granted “unreasonable tax breaks.”

Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes

The European Commission has lodged an appeal with the European Court of Justice, the highest court in the EU. In its findings published in 2016, the European Commission stated that two decrees from the Irish government have artificially reduced Apple’s tax burden for more than two decades. In 2014, Apple’s tax payments to the country’s treasury amounted to only 0.005% of the income received.

“The failure of the European Court of General Jurisdiction to properly review the structure and content of the judgment, and the clarifications in the Commission’s written submissions regarding the functions performed by the head offices and the Irish branches, is a procedural violation.”, – indicated in the statement of the European Commission.

The EU Competition Representative pointed to the contradictory reasoning of the European Court of General Jurisdiction, “Which is tantamount to refusing to explain the reasons”

In turn, Apple said that the decision of the European Court of General Jurisdiction proves that it has always complied with the laws of Ireland, and the question was more about where it should pay taxes, not amounts.

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