EVE Online now has a "spreadsheet" mode without graphics

EVE Online now has a “spreadsheet” mode without graphics

For years, there has been a joke among players that the multiplayer sci-fi game EVE Online is just spreadsheets in space. But now CCP Games has literally made the project so: with the update, the game has a mode for disabling the display of ships.

A new optional feature added to the EVE Online Test Server allows players to completely remove any 3D visual components from the screen and display only UI text boxes. Usually the game looks like this:

But with the new mode turned on, it began to look like this:

This feature is designed to reduce the graphical load on the PC of players during large battles in EVE Online, where more than 6,000 ships can participate in a single area. With the ability to quickly disable 3D elements, space pilots will be able to achieve performance gains when needed. This will be especially useful for players who run multiple EVE Online applications on the same computer at the same time during battles.

A representative from CCP Games told Kotaku about the reasons for introducing this feature: “The war in EVE has come to a tipping point and now is the time to add the ‘performance boost’ option, a feature our hardcore gamers often ask for. Obviously, this option is only for the most extreme situations, but as we all know, EVE is made up of extreme situations, and with the raging war, every frame counts. We look forward to showcasing amazing creativity in this feature in our community! “

So far, the mode is only available to testers, but in the coming weeks it will be introduced for all players.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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