Every gas station in Germany will be equipped with electric car chargers

Every gas station in Germany will be equipped with electric car chargers

One of the points of the package of measures to stimulate the German national economy, totaling € 130 billion, agreed on Tuesday, will be the placement of charging stations for electric vehicles at every gas station in the country. It is reported Reuters.

The publication reports that part of the funds, namely about € 2.5 billion, will be used to stimulate the population to purchase electric vehicles through various subsidy programs. The maximum discount when buying an electric car can be € 6000. In addition, funds will be invested in the production of batteries and charging stations.

According to the German Federal Motor Vehicle Agency (KBA), 168,148 vehicles were sold in May this year. Only 3.3 percent of this figure came from electric vehicles. In 2019, this value was even lower and amounted to less than 2%.

Last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the task of building one million charging stations for electric vehicles in Germany by 2030. Given that the country currently uses only about 15,000 conventional gas stations, the task, announced in the new package of measures to stimulate the German economy, will be very difficult.

According to the Federal Energy and Water Union (BDEW) of Germany, by March 2020, the country used 27,730 charging stations for electric vehicles. For the effective transition of the population to electric vehicles, experts say, it is necessary to ensure the presence of at least 70,000 conventional and 7,000 fast electric charging stations.

“In 97 percent of cases, the reluctance of a potential customer to buy an electric car is due to fear of limiting the distance of travel. Germany’s decision in this case with conventional gas stations is justified, since gas stations are open around the clock. ”– commented on the publication Reuters Diego Biasi ( Diego Biasi), Head of Quercus Real Assets, an investment company in renewable energy infrastructure development.

Resource Engadget adds that Germany is not the only EU country that has decided to choose a new strategy for the development of a post-coronavirus economy. French President Emmanuel Macron announced last week that € 8 billion will be allocated to a program for developing electric transport infrastructure in the country.

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