Facebook blocks a group of critics of the Thai monarchy with a million members

Facebook blocks a group of critics of the Thai monarchy with a million members

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Sergei Dragun | 08/25/2020

Otherwise, the Thai government threatened to prosecute for disclosing defamatory content about the king and his family.

The blockade came amid daily youth protests against the government and calls for reforms to the monarchy. The Royalist Market group was formed in April by the critic of the monarchy Pavin

On Monday, a message appeared on the group’s page – “Access to this group has been restricted in Thailand in accordance with a legal request from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.”

Group founder Pavin said Facebook had succumbed to pressure from the military government. In his opinion, the group is part of the democratization process and a space for free speech.

Facebook declined to answer questions about the block. The company said it could restrict access to content when it receives complaints about posts that violate local laws. In thailand
there are strict laws prohibiting libel against the king – punishment up to 15 years in prison. Thailand’s Minister of Digital Technology accused Facebook of failing to comply with content restriction requirements and 10
In August, he gave Facebook 15 days to comply with a court order to seize the controversial materials. Otherwise, the company would be charged under the local Computer Law
crimes. It provides for a fine of up to 200,000 baht ($ 6,367.40) and an additional 5,000 baht ($ 159.18) per day until the requirement is met.

“The deadline is almost over, Facebook understands the context of Thai society, so it is cooperating,” ministry spokesman Patchapong Nodthaisong told Reuters.

The ministry filed a separate complaint on Facebook last week against the group’s creator as a cybercriminal. Creation of a group is meant by crime.

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