Facebook resigned to App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14

Facebook resigned to App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14

Despite objections, social networking site Facebook was forced to come to terms with the upcoming changes to Apple’s privacy policy. This year, iOS 14 will launch the new App Tracking Transparency feature, which requires apps to receive user consent at launch before tracking their activity on other websites and apps.

According to iMore, Facebook sent out another series of emails to the companies informing them that although it has objections to the planned changes, it has no choice but to follow the App Tracking Transparency requirements in iOS 14. Otherwise Apple could block or completely remove the Facebook app from the App Store.

However, Facebook noted that the addition of App Tracking Transparency will have “serious implications for targeting, optimization and measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns“.

The company also said that “personalized advertising and user privacy can coexist,” which seems to be in line with Apple’s policies. However, Facebook and Apple clearly have different versions of what constitutes “user privacy.”

Apple’s requirement for all apps in the App Store to display hints to iOS 14 users according to their App Tracking Transparency platform will have significant targeting, optimization and performance implications for businesses that serve ads on mobile and the web. … Apple’s changes will benefit them (users) while harming the industry and the ability of companies of all sizes to effectively market themselves and grow through personalized advertising. We believe personalized ads and user privacy can coexist“, – pointed out Facebook.

However, Facebook has told companies that it has no choice but to display a request for user consent to monitor their online activities before launching the application. Facebook also made sure to add that if users do not consent to the tracking, it will negatively impact “advertising efficiency“.

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