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“Fedor” could not harm the ISS, the developer is sure

NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika commented on the information that the crack on the International Space Station (ISS), through which air escapes, could have formed as a result of the movements of the Skybot F-850 robot, which is better known as Fedor.

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

Let us recall that Fedor visited the ISS in August-September 2019, having successfully completed the program of experiments. After testing, the robot returned to Earth, and soon after that, an atmosphere leak was detected at the orbital station.

This week, speculations began to be expressed that a crack in one of the compartments of the Zvezda module of the Russian segment of the ISS was due to a possible impact during the movement of Fyodor. However, Evgeny Dudorov, the executive director of the NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika, considers this version untenable.

According to him, all operations to move the robot at the station were practiced on Earth. Of course, this took into account the size of the “Fedor” and the hatches through which it was transported. The latter have a diameter of 600 and 800 mm.

The maximum width of the robot on the shoulders is 550 mm, that is, it easily overcomes all the access doors, which we have repeatedly practiced at the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation on the Soyuz transport manned spacecraft simulator for sea training “Ocean-5”“, – quotes” RIA Novosti “the words of Mr. Dudorov.

One way or another, but the problem with air leakage on the ISS remains, and the causes of the crack have not yet been established. An additional supply of oxygen is planned to be delivered to the station in February.

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