FINANCE (05.16 - 06.15.2020)

FINANCE (05.16 – 06.15.2020)

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Gennady Belash | 07/04/2020

FINANCE (05.16 - 06.15.2020)

Sberbank opens the office of its trading company

in the canton of Zug, Switzerland. Sber Trading Swiss AG specializes in international operations with commodities (oil and oil products, coal, metals, bulk and agricultural products).
The strategy is based on reliable customer relations with producers and processors of raw materials in Russia and the CIS, which will allow us to increase and diversify the international operations of Sberbank Group by
commodity markets.

Moscow Credit Bank launches digital debit cards. Any cards are available to order in the “Favorable”, “Premium” and “Exclusive” card service packages. Release and Activation
carried out instantly in a mobile application and does not require visiting the bank office.

Diasoft entered the top 5 global suppliers of IT solutions for the financial industry, having received the status of Major Player (“key player”) according to the annual report of the Forrester analytical agency.
The company not only became the only vendor from Russia presented in the report, but also significantly improved its position in the ranking, confirming business growth in 2019.

VTB intends to increase the share of expenditures on the development of the IT department to more than 50% of the IT budget by 2022 (the growth from 15 to 19% is included in the strategy). Currently it employs about 4,500 people and
the group hires another 400 IT-specialists every quarter, but already this year it is planned to increase the IT-staff by 20% (~ up to 5400 people) and systematically increase the costs of digitalization

So, at the end of May, a set of paid internships was launched for young IT specialists. In addition, the bank attracts employees with the help of specialized recruiters through all channels: collecting resumes on
recommendations from employees, including for the future, without the availability of open vacancies, – Friends & Family. A new hiring tool is also used by looking at the code that the candidate wrote.


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