FINANCE (16.06 - 15.07.2020)

FINANCE (16.06 – 15.07.2020)

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Gennady Belash | 07/26/2020

FINANCE (16.06 - 15.07.2020)

“DOM.RF Bank” has implemented a document recognition system

based on artificial intelligence, developed by Smart Engines specialists. Design and delivery by NVI Solutions. The solution will optimize the process of considering applications and
issuing a loan, to make customer service even faster and more efficient.

Kometrika (part of ICS Holding) has created a blockchain competence center

The goal is to unite teams and projects within the company into a common structure, to form a unified blockchain expertise, to develop the use of platforms used in various business sectors and
government agencies, training and popularization of technology among young professionals.

M.Video-Eldorado has implemented SAP Financial Closing Cockpit – a solution that allows you to automate the monitoring of the closing dates of the reporting period, increase
transparency of the process and the level of involvement of financial specialists. The project was implemented in partnership with IBS in 2.5 months.

Raiffeisen-Leasing carried out the first car leasing deal remotely

through the Raiffeisen Leasing Online system, launched for simplified automated servicing of wheeled vehicles leasing for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies

VTB has integrated a financial management platform into Yandex.Plus
The service allows you to invest money in traditional products, bonds and stocks available on the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges, make currency exchange, etc. The process of opening and replenishing
accounts are carried out remotely. Clients of any banks can use the service, the account can be topped up from a card or bank transfer.

VTB patented a mechanism for validating complex structures

data in a microservice architecture. The solution allows you to reduce the cost and laboriousness of checking the correctness of data entered by the user or transmitted to the system through the interface: from
permissible length or the presence of numbers and letters before monitoring the simultaneous fulfillment of several necessary conditions, checks against reference books, etc.

Similar actions will be performed both on the user side (for example, in the client’s browser) and on the side of the server providing validation and processing of data.

The solution allows each team that develops a specific microservice to form and, at the necessary time, apply their own rules for validating data entering automated systems.

Teen spending has changed in 2020

Perhaps the reason was forced self-isolation. Thus, the rating of the most popular spending on teenage cards from January to June was headed by the category “music” with a share of 20% (purchase in musical
stores and online services). Supermarkets moved to second place with a share of 14%. And fast food, including delivery, closes the top three leaders – 10%.

In the same period of 2019, on teenage cards of “Russian Standard”, most transactions – 88.6% – were carried out in retail, of which 29.9% – in supermarkets. In second place were cash
transfers from card to card. On the third, transfers between your accounts.

Interestingly, in 2020, the average check for transactions on teenage cards (transfers, cash withdrawals, transfers to electronic wallets) also increased significantly: it amounted to 3,610 rubles, while in the same
last year – 1128 rubles.


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