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first launch scheduled for 2023

The chief designer for the development of a new-generation manned transport ship Igor Khamits in an interview with RIA Novosti spoke about how the development of the apparatus is progressing and what key characteristics it will have.

Images of Roscosmos

Images of Roscosmos

We are talking about the ship “Eagle” (former name – “Federation”). It will be able to deliver people and cargo to the moon and to near-Earth orbital stations. The device has been developed since 2009, that is, for more than ten years.

Mr. Hamitz said that now the release of working design documentation for the project is being completed. In addition, the manufacture and development of individual hull elements, devices and components of the ship are simultaneously underway.

The design of the apparatus provides for the presence of an engine compartment made of composite materials. The housing housing of the returned apparatus will be made of metal. As part of the on-board equipment of the Eagle, the systems of the current Unions will not be used.

The ship will receive positive buoyancy. In the case of landing on water, the crew must wait for the search and rescue team, for which communication equipment and the on-board complex of the returned vehicle will allow for radio communication within 48 hours.

The full-time crew of the ship is four people, while one astronaut can control the device. If necessary, two additional seats can be installed in the living compartment of the returned apparatus: in this case, the number of crews will increase to six people.

“Eagle” will be able to be part of a near-Earth orbital station for up to one year, and as part of a lunar orbital station – up to six months. “To land a person on the lunar surface, it is planned to use a bunch of the ship and the lunar take-off and landing module in the orbit of the artificial moon satellite. Currently, systematic studies are underway both to develop such a module, and the mission as a whole“, Said Igor Khamits.

The first launch of the ship from the Vostochny cosmodrome in an unmanned version is scheduled for 2023. In 2025, a launch with astronauts on board should take place.

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