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Despite the obviousness of the idea, the invention of the electric bike lasted for many years – and this mode of transport is only approaching serious popularity now: both in the older-fashioned “model for assembly” format, when you fasten the battery and engine to a standard bicycle, and as a finished product . Hiper Engine BF205 is a representative of the kind of factory electric bicycles with a well-thought-out design and focus on everyday use, and not on the “weekend ride”.

This is the latest model in the popular Hiper Engine BF series. It is distinguished primarily by a folding frame, wide tires, increased in comparison with its predecessors, power and excellent range (up to 45 km), which allows you to count on this bike as a full-fledged transport when moving around the city. How versatile the BF205 model is – let’s talk in the review.

Hiper Engine BF205
Design Folding
Frame material Aluminium alloy
Gear shift system 7 speeds
Engine power 350 watts
Battery 375 Wh (10,400 mAh, 36 V)
Declared Range 45 km
Maximum rider weight 130 kg
Depreciation Front fork hydraulic shock absorber
The brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Shine Headlight, rear reflector
Wheel size 20 inch
Wheels Aluminum alloy, double rim, knitting needles, wide tires
Maximum charge time 6 o’clock
Weight 23 kg
Price 64 990 rubles

Design and construction

Hiper Engine BF205 is packed in an ordinary cardboard box when folded. It takes about 20 minutes to bring the bike to working condition, and no specific actions are needed with tools like wrenches or wrenches for tightening the Euroscrews – they are included, but are waiting for special occasions. You need to remove the packaging material, expand the frame (this is done in one motion), install the steering wheel on the steering column, raising it to a level convenient for you and put the bike on charge. It takes about six hours to complete the charging cycle, but in my case the battery was not completely discharged – and after two hours the Hiper Engine BF205 was completely ready for the first trip. Even for those who have not come across bicycles with you, and with electric models in general, it will not be difficult to prepare it for work.

Hiper Engine BF205 when folded, photo of the manufacturer

Hiper Engine BF205 when folded, photo of the manufacturer

Structurally, the Hiper Engine BF205 takes a mountain bike as its basis – it is devoid of rear shock absorbers (there are only front ones, this is hydraulics), a powerful frame with pronounced welding marks is striking. The bike looks brutal – to some this image may not seem too neat, but overall it looks good: aluminum is abundantly used in the design, the general feeling of the assembly is good.

The frame is painted in dark gray, the nodes, for the most part, are black – it looks strict and appropriate.

The battery is hidden in a horizontal tube of the frame and covered from above with an aluminum casing, which well covers the batteries from external influences. The wires are brought to the surface and bundled with plastic brackets. On the left side of the casing there is a hole for the charger – it is covered with a rubber plug, very tight, it is not possible to insert it normally the first time, but it keeps its place well.

There is a keyhole below – the battery is activated by turning a special key. Moreover, there is a second keyhole on the steering wheel, with the help of which the “help” mode is already activated. Without two turned keys, the Hiper Engine BF205 remains an ordinary bicycle, just very heavy – it weighs 23 kg (with a box – 28 kg).

The lock, which holds the frame in the folded state, is located on the right side of the frame, is securely fixed and works efficiently – it does not play anything, the frame remains rigid.

Disc brakes are installed on each wheel. The tires are small in diameter (20 inches), but very wide (4 inches), with a powerful tread. Above the wheels are aluminum wings without mudguards.

There is a full-fledged LED headlight above the front wheel, and a reflector above the rear wheel. The electric motor is located in the rear wheel hub.

The steering wheel is straight, with rubber anatomical handles: on the front there are disc brake handles, on the left handle on the back there are horn and headlight keys, on the right – the already mentioned “ignition” system, an electric motor indicator (displays only the battery level) and a speed switch with two control elements – a lever for switching speeds “backward” and a button for switching “forward”. The Hiper Engine BF205 has seven speeds. Also on the right handle is an accelerator in the form of a ring.

The pedals, like the bike itself, add up – they are made of metal with a rubber coating and reflectors.

The saddle of medium hardness and medium size is covered with black material under the skin. It is adjustable both in height – using the key on the bar below – and in tilt.

Of course, the bike is equipped with a footrest with a closer.

⇡ #In work

About how the Hiper Engine BF205 is brought into a working “electro” state, I already wrote above – for this you need to turn two keys, on the frame and on the steering wheel (by the way, two keys of each type are offered in the kit). Without this, the bike can be used in the most ordinary, mechanical way. There are no special operating modes of the electric motor here – it is either turned on and works in the “help” mode, or turned off.

Unlike many modern electric bicycles that do not have a “scooter” mode at all and work exclusively in the format of assistance with pressure on the pedals, the Hiper Engine BF205 can also move when you press the accelerator when you are not pedaling. This is a big bonus, even if I could not reach speeds above 25 km / h on a purely electric course – there are no restrictions, but to achieve higher speeds it was already necessary to press the pedals or drive off the hill.

First of all, I noted the excellent dynamics of the Hiper Engine BF205 – there is a rather powerful 350 W electric motor here, and even with a very serious load (the bike weighs 23 kg, I repeat, but I weigh another 76 kg) it makes me feel good acceleration and a good jerk with places. Moreover, in scooter mode, the speed depends on the degree of rotation of the accelerator ring, it is sensitive here – and I’ll say right away that this is the most convenient way to ride the BF205.

The fact is that you can not touch the accelerator and pedal, feeling the very buzz feeling when you do not strain your legs very much, and the speed is great – in the manner of passing through the travelator. There is one thing – a bicycle in this format does not help you constantly, but starts the engine from time to time. And it is impossible to control exactly when they will suddenly be given additional acceleration. Even with the slightest traffic, I had to constantly keep my fingers on the brake so as not to get into a situation where the bike accelerated at the wrong time. On an empty road, such an operation algorithm is quite appropriate, but the Hiper Engine BF205 is positioned as a city model, but where did you see absolutely empty roads in the city? Unless in the parks, and even more likely at night. As a result, in a situation with noticeable traffic, I just turned off the help mode by turning the key and pedaling – to do this on a heavy bike is not as easy as on any lightweight sports model, but I would not say that it’s somehow especially difficult, while it’s not about climbing uphill.

In the park, and on any slightly rough terrain after the rain, another moment crawls out – the absence of mudguards. The wings on the Hiper Engine BF205, of course, are, but they protect against splashes very conditionally – from a trip after the rain, without climbing into serious dirt, I still arrived with my back completely covered up. And one must be prepared for this – or put mudguards on their own anyway.

Another constructive problem of the Hiper Engine BF205 can be attributed to the features of a specific, not very successful instance – the saddle was very easily loosened. It was worth collecting any bumps as it began to self-regulate vertically, dangling back and forth. Unfortunately, I failed to fix the hinge. Horizontally, “unscrewing” from the bar, it also loosens easily, but here you can cope by tightening the nuts on the holding mechanism in time. It is worth carrying wrenches with them, since they are included in the kit.

The complete headlight is not too bright, but I can’t say that I didn’t have enough power when traveling at dusk – it can cope with its duties, you can see oncoming traffic or an obstacle ahead of time.

One charge of a battery with a capacity of 375 Wh · h (10400 mAh, 36 V) should be enough for 45 km in the “scooter” mode (with constant operation from an electric motor). I did not make exact measurements, but, according to my feelings, this figure is very close to the truth, although the real indicators, of course, depend on the operating conditions – how many climbs are on your way, is there rough terrain difficult to overcome, and so on.

The battery is fully charged in 6 hours – for this, a complete charger with a power of 42 W and a current of 2 A is used. The indicator on the charger signals whether the bicycle has been charged or not.

The folding design of the Hiper Engine BF205 allows you to transport your bike in the subway. In theory. In practice, it will not be easy to do – due to the serious weight of the bicycle and the lack of locks that keep the frame folded; she constantly leaves, we have to hold him from all sides, and doing it alone is not easy. Of course, over time you can get used to everything, but I cannot call the Hiper Engine BF205 a convenient bicycle for transportation.

The manufacturer does not indicate any splash or moisture protection standard in the specifications, but I assume that the bike is protected at least IP54 – at least during operation after rain, there were no problems.

⇡ #Conclusion

Hiper Engine BF205 is a very good city electric bike, not without small flaws. If the loose seat can be explained by the problems of a single instance, then the absence of mudguards can be a noticeable problem in our climate, and the absence of clips in the folded position significantly limits the ability to transport the unit.

But all the key features of the Hiper Engine BF205 are in order – it is a dynamic bike, which at the same time has an excellent power reserve so that you can, for example, move it to work and back or go on a long weekend trip. Driving on the Hiper Engine BF205 is difficult only on pedals – the serious weight of the device affects it, but it does not become a serious problem on a level road, especially since there is the possibility of switching speeds. You can save power by turning off the help of the motor on level areas and especially rolling off the hill. The frame is executed efficiently, the folding design does not leave a visible imprint on reliability and rigidity, and the ability to use it in the scooter mode sets the model apart from many other electric bicycles.

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