Ford stops selling home electric vehicle charging stations due to rejects

Ford has stopped selling Level 2 branded home chargers for the Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle after it discovered that some of them were not working. Automotive News was the first to draw attention to the problem. It consists in the fact that the charger randomly reports a malfunction and stops the charging process.

Ford says the failure does not compromise the safety of the users of the device. However, the company stopped selling $ 800 home charging stations until it found a solution to the problem. Mustang Mach-E owners can still charge their cars at home from 120V or 240V power outlets.

The Ford Level 2 charger is capable of providing an electric vehicle with a range of about 45 km per hour of charging. For example, an hour of charging from an outlet provides a power reserve of 32 km. This is far from the only problem plaguing the Mustang Mach-E. Although more than 4,000 vehicles of this model are already on the road in North America, some early shipments of some of the EVs have been delayed for additional quality checks, and dozens of vehicles have been recalled due to loose subframe bolts.

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