Foxconn lacks hands to assemble iPhone 12. Workers are lured in with huge bonuses

Foxconn lacks hands to assemble iPhone 12. Workers are lured in with huge bonuses

Every iPhone announcement is always an event. The traffic of news resources is growing, sites accepting orders are disconnected under load and Chinese manufacturers are straining directly to ensure the assembly of the coveted Apple novelties. And current levels of demand and factory capability are such that there is a very, very short supply of hands to build the iPhone 12 announced this week. The huge bonuses offered by employers cannot even help.

Foxconn has set a one-time bonus for a certain number of hours on a conveyor line at 10,000 yuan (roughly $ 1,500) in advertisements for hiring workers on assembly lines. Typically, the monthly premiums for certain working “assembly line” hours are less – from 5,000 to 8,000 yuan. For the first time, Foxconn paid 10,000 yuan of monthly allowance to workers in August after the start of assembly of the first production iPhone 12. The maximum bonus was received by those who spent at least 55 days assembling Apple smartphones.

Over-bonuses are usually short-lived, but in early October, Foxconn reiterated its intention to pay Yuan 10,000 bonus to iPhone assembly workers in its assembly line hiring announcements. In the memory of the company’s employees, this is the first time when super-bonuses are paid for such a long time and repeatedly. This could mean that the company does not have enough manpower to handle Apple’s orders.

Foxconn currently collects about 70% of Apple smartphones, while Pegatron collects over 20% of similar Apple products. And while Foxconn is trying to relocate iPhone production to other countries, in particular to India, China not only remains Apple’s main production site, but further increases the dependence of the American brand on factories on its mainland. So, if in 2018 356 out of 778 Apple supplier factories were located in mainland China, which is 45.76%, then in 2019 this number increased to 383, which is already 47.46%.

Apparently, Chinese workers do not need to worry about transferring Apple orders to foreign sites for now. There are still not enough workers in China itself, but there are significantly more people with the necessary experience than in India itself.

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