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Foxconn says the impact of chip shortages on large customers will be minimal

Foxconn CEO Young Liu this week spoke to the press not only about plans to develop a proprietary platform for electric vehicles, but also commented on the shortage of semiconductor components in the electronics industry. Large clients of the company, he said, will be minimally affected by the problem.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

According to Reuters, Yong Liu clarified that the bulk of Foxconn’s customers are large companies with good procurement planning. Therefore, if they feel the negative impact of the deficit of semiconductor components, then on a very limited scale. Foxconn itself should be doing well in the first half of the year, judging by the chairman’s forecasts, as the pandemic is gradually weakening and demand remains high.

Counterpoint Research estimates that the component shortage that has spilled over into the smartphone segment will have a minimal impact on Apple, which is Foxconn’s largest customer, as component suppliers will supply it first. According to Yun Liu, Foxconn is considering buying semiconductor factories in Southeast Asia. The deal in Malaysia to acquire a stake in Silterra’s capital fell through, but the company does not abandon its intentions.

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