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from April, the rules for purchasing drones for government agencies in Japan will be tightened

In fact, in Japan, two years ago, they secretly banned the purchase of Chinese-made IT equipment. But this order does not have official status, while the new rules for the purchase of drones for government agencies of the country may clearly spell out a ban on the purchase of devices made in China. The new order will come into force in April 2021 and will force purchases to be verified by the central authorities.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

In addition to government agencies, drone purchases will be audited by some independent government bodies, for example, the Japanese Pension Service. In addition to special requirements for the country of production, there will also be requirements for the required level of data protection on board drones and for a wireless data transmission system. The authorities are finally thinking about the range of potential threats associated with the interception of data from drones.

It is noted that the main attention when issuing permits for the purchase of drones by government agencies will be paid to three areas of use of small drones. First, in army and police operations. Second, critical infrastructure validation. Thirdly, search and rescue operations. The data leak in each of the three cases poses a threat to the defense and life or health of Japanese citizens.

For private entities and companies that will be allowed to participate in government projects, it will be strongly recommended not to connect to the Internet for data transmission if the drones have not been properly tested. Also, there will be increased requirements for drones engaged in 3D mapping of objects and territories.

All this is done to prevent foreign states, terrorists and attackers from getting their hands on information or tools to threaten national and public security.

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