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Fujitsu employees can always work from home

Fujitsu said it would halve its office space in Japan as it adapts to new standards after the COVID-19 pandemic. The company noted that the Work Life Shift program will offer unprecedented flexibility to 80,000 Japanese employees. The staff will be able to work on an adaptive schedule, and work at home will be the standard where possible. The announcement followed a similar move by the social network Twitter.

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In a statement, Fujitsu noted that it will introduce a new way of working that promises greater opportunities, a productive and creative environment for employees. Also, the innovation is designed to stimulate innovation and benefit customers and society. In accordance with the plan, employees will begin to work mainly remotely to achieve a work style that will allow them to flexibly use their time in accordance with the content of the work, their role in business and lifestyle.

The company also said that the program will allow employees to choose where they will work: from home, from a large corporate center or mobile office. Fujitsu believes that the enhanced autonomy offered to employees will help improve team performance and increase productivity.

In May, Twitter informed employees that they can work from home indefinitely if they want, as the company is looking into a new future created by a pandemic. The social network then stated: “The last few months have proved that we can switch to this principle of work. Therefore, if our employees are in such a role and a situation that allows them to work from home, and they want to continue to work this way all the time, we will make it possible ”.

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At the time, Sree Sreenivasan, a professor of digital innovation at the School of Journalism at the University of New York at Stony Brook, said it was about era-changing news. “Some people may not take it seriously, because it’s about Twitterbut thanks to Silicon Valley we can learn a lot about job flexibility. Previously, the dominant view was that work at home was inconvenient for superiors, so it’s better to spend time in the office. ”– he added.

Earlier this month, Google and Facebook announced that their employees can work from home until the end of the year. Initially, Google planned to adhere to the new rules only until June 1, but then extended them for another seven months. Facebook did the same.

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