Full Tesla autopilot will rise in price by $ 1000 by July

Full Tesla autopilot will rise in price by $ 1000 by July

The Full Self-Driving software package (FSD, full autonomy) for Tesla electric cars will rise in price by $ 1 by July 1. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced this on Twitter on Tuesday.

Musk did not indicate the exact cost of the software, but now it is offered to customers as an option at a price of $ 7,000. It is worth recalling that at the moment, Tesla electric cars can not provide completely unmanned control. Such an opportunity will appear in the future due to the introduction of new hardware and software in cars. Therefore, buyers of the Full Self-Driving package are essentially investing in the future of this technology. And they will receive it as soon as it becomes available.

On Twitter, Musk also said that the cost of the FSD software package will continue to grow over time, as the software improves and brings Tesla cars closer to the level of full automation. By the time this happens, the estimated cost of the software, according to Mask, will exceed $ 100,000. One can only hope that customers will not have to pay all the value declared by Mask.

The FSD software package appeared as an option at a price of $ 5000. Over the past year, its cost has increased several times, as Musk warned everyone in advance. At the same time, Tesla’s CEO has promised to develop an alternative for those who are not ready to give almost $ 10,000 for software today. At the last meeting of shareholders, Musk announced that this year’s Full Self-Driving package will become a service and will be offered as a monthly subscription. Musk said nothing about the cost of such a subscription.

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