Galaxy Note 20 may be the first Samsung smartphone with wireless desktop DeX mode

Galaxy Note 20 may be the first Samsung smartphone with wireless desktop DeX mode

The Samsung DeX function implies several ways to connect your smartphone to an external monitor or PC. What unites them is that in all cases a cable is used. However, DeX may soon become fully wireless technology. Moreover, in this version, it may appear already in the Galaxy Note 20.

The evidence of the development of the DeX wireless mode was found in the form of a recording in the Samsung Tips application, which gives users tips on how to use certain functions of Galaxy smartphones. Instead of a title, the post contained the following line: DREAM_DEX_HEADER_USE_DEX_WIRELESSLY_M_TIPS. The strange format of the text indicates that it got into the application by mistake and clearly prematurely.

Further, the message, already in normal English, explained how to connect the Samsung DeX to a TV in the living room without a cable. The advice was accompanied by a visual animation of what actions the user should perform to connect. The presence of ready-made instructions may indirectly indicate that the function is almost ready for implementation in one of the smartphones of a South Korean company. It may well be the Galaxy Note 20, which is scheduled to be announced on August 5th.

This is not the first time we’ve learned about Samsung’s intention to free DeX mode from wires. The company first reported this two years ago. Since then, DeX has received many new features, in particular, it became possible to connect the smartphone via a USB cable to a computer or laptop on Windows or Mac platforms. Only the wireless version of DeX has not yet appeared.

Recall that DeX is a mode that adds functionality similar to a desktop device to a mobile device, allowing you to connect computer peripherals to it. After connecting the monitor, the user is provided with an interface oriented to work with the mouse and keyboard and supporting operation in windowed mode.

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