Gazprom Neft offered to mine on oil refining waste. This is half the price of Moscow

Gazprom Neft offered to mine on oil refining waste. This is half the price of Moscow

The meteoric rise of bitcoin over the past months and days has infected the idea of ​​mining many, including unusual players. A pilot project for the production of cryptocurrency in an oil field was launched by the fourth largest oil company in the Russian Federation, Gazprom Neft. Instead of costly utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG), the company began to use it to generate electricity and offer it to miners at a reasonable price.

It is reported that at the field. Alexandra Zhagrina in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Gazprom Neft has deployed a power plant for the combustion of APG. Otherwise, the associated gas either had to be thrown into the air, and it contains methane and poses a threat as a greenhouse gas, or burned in a flare, which is also useless, or pumped back into the well, which also requires costs. And the electricity obtained during the combustion process can be converted on the spot into bitcoins or other cryptocurrency without additional transportation costs, which is categorically unprofitable from remote deposits.

Vekus became the first buyer of electricity generated from APG. She delivered a container with 150 Antminer S9 ASICs to the field for test mining. During the month, the equipment mined 1.8 BTC, which took 49,500 m3 associated gas. Electricity on the spot cost the buyer 3 rubles per kWh. For comparison, in Moscow the electricity tariff is 5.5 rubles, and in St. Petersburg – 6.8 rubles. Gazprom Neft received an extra penny, the miners received electricity at humane tariffs, and the minimum possible amount of harmful substances was released into the environment.

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