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GeForce NOW users spend 50% more time playing games

The first quarter of this year brought NVIDIA an increase in gaming revenue by 27% year on year. Behind this dry figure was a 50 percent increase in playing time for customers of the GeForce NOW cloud service, whose audience has grown by two million people since February. NVIDIA finds it difficult to evaluate market dynamics in the second quarter.

Image Source: NVIDIA

Image Source: NVIDIA

A 1.5-fold increase in the duration of the game session was due to the self-isolation mode, as NVIDIA representatives noted at the quarterly reporting event. As a result, both the number of GeForce NOW users and the average duration of a game session increased. The commercial operation of the service began in February, since then the GeForce NOW audience has managed to increase by two million people. Ideally, according to NVIDIA, this cloud-based game broadcast service will reach a billion game lovers. Now the customers of the service have access to 650 games, in the future, another 1,500 games will be added to them.

If we talk about other segments of the gaming business line of NVIDIA, the desktop reduced revenue in a sequential comparison due to seasonal factors, although in the annual comparison the average selling price increased due to an increase in the share of more expensive graphics processors. The pandemic caused problems not only with the production of graphic solutions, but also with their implementation. Internet cafes were closed in China, many traditional stores around the world did not work. The migration of online sales was largely able to offset these phenomena by the end of the fiscal quarter, which fell on the last days of April.

Revenues from the sale of gaming laptops grew at a record pace for the past year and a half. Components for game consoles also brought more money than in previous periods. If in the desktop segment the demand for video game cards should decrease in the second quarter, then laptops and game consoles will ensure revenue growth, as NVIDIA management expects.

In the second quarter, NVIDIA finds it difficult to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business, but expects to receive revenue of $ 3.65 billion. Automotive electronics will sell worse, revenue in this area will be reduced by 40%. In part, the fall will be offset by increased demand for NVIDIA components from the robotic industry. The pandemic has accelerated the automation of operations in many industries. The demand for Ampere A100 Compute Accelerators should be “very good,” according to NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang. He did not succumb to provocations of analysts who wanted to get information from him on the timing of the debut of gaming innovations, but explained that if he had to speak to the audience again from the kitchen of his own house, this would not bother him at all.

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