GM unveils electric air taxi concept, after which its shares jump by almost 7%

American automaker General Motors has unveiled Cadillac air taxi and electric van concepts. The presentation took place at the CES exhibition. As noted by RBC, after that the company’s shares rose by 6.9%.


The air taxi concept is very different from its competitors. Judging by the presentation, two screws will be located at the bottom in front of the passenger and two more behind the top. The device will take off thanks to a 90 kWh electric motor.

What is the purpose of the electric van is still unclear. The interior of the vehicle is more like a limousine interior. It contains a sofa and pillows. How they plan to use it is not specified.


The company probably won’t be releasing the featured car models anytime soon. As General Motors Chief Designer Michael Simcoe pointed out, the whole purpose of the presentation is to show the world what the autonomy and luxury of Cadillac can look like in “Not so distant future”… He also stated that these concepts were developed for the time when “Time and convenience matter”

Recall that General Motors is actively developing in the direction of electric vehicles. Doug Parks, the chief executive of the carmaker’s global product development, previously said that the company is collaborating “With all the best startups” in battery technology to match or surpass Tesla.

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