Godfall will require a constant internet connection on PS5 and PC

Godfall will require a constant internet connection on PS5 and PC

Godfall will require a constant internet connection, even when it comes to playing in single player mode. Godfall’s official PlayStation Store page confirms that a network connection and permanent authorization is required to play.

And on the official page, you can see the note “Network play required”. Games like Destiny and Fortnite, which require a constant internet connection to access, have the same subscript. Godfall Twitter Account also confirmed that a permanent connection would be required.

On the PS Store page, there is another tag that reads “PS Plus membership required to play online,” which is unlikely to surprise anyone who regularly plays multiplayer games on the PlayStation. But due to the fact that a network connection is mandatory here, it seems that you won’t be able to play without a paid subscription.

Many games built around collecting weapons and artifacts also require a constant online connection: it gives developers more control, prevents hacks and exploits of vulnerabilities that can disrupt the in-game economy and gameplay.

Whenever a player receives a loot, an online check will be performed to ensure that there is no cheating: this means that character progress and other information will be stored on the server side, and players will not be able to change the save files.

Godfall will be available on PC (Epic Games Store) on November 12. The Counterplay Games project will also appear on PS5: November 12 in the US and some other countries, November 19 in Russia and the rest of the world.

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