GOG Galaxy 2.0 will sell games from the Epic Games Store

GOG Galaxy 2.0 will sell games from the Epic Games Store

The latest version of the GOG Galaxy digital platform will allow players to purchase games from the Epic Games Store, including some of the platform’s former exclusives. The feature will initially be available for closed beta testing to a limited group of users. In the future, games from other platforms may appear in GOG.

“In the new store, we will welcome games like GOG.COM, and beyond, including games that were previously only available on other gaming platforms, – reported in the statement of the digital store. – With the launch of the internal beta, invited users will be able to purchase select exclusive games today Epic Games Store along with GOG games.COM“.

It’s worth noting that users will still need an Epic Games Store account to take advantage of this feature, although purchased games will be available to install and run both through the GOG Galaxy client and the Epic Games Store client.

All purchases on GOG Galaxy 2.0 will receive the same platform benefits, including a 30-day return policy and 24/7 support. The company said the ability to buy games from other platforms has been the most requested feature since the launch of GOG Galaxy 2.0 in late 2019. GOG recently expanded its return policy to 30 days, stating that it trusts users to make informed purchasing decisions.

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