Golf helps to play the new Garmin watch

Golf helps to play the new Garmin watch

Nikolay Blinkov

The Approach S62 allows you to select the right hockey stick and get right there.

American smartwatch maker Garmin has introduced a new model, the Approach S62. It is, like its predecessor, the Approach S60, focused primarily on the active-lover
lifestyle, and the watch itself is a sports model equipped with a GPS receiver and new features. The uniqueness of the hours is that they are designed for golf – and they can
even schedule game results using direction, wind speed, and impact data.

The price starts at $ 499. The watch is equipped with a large, round TFT (LCD) display (1.3 inches in diameter) with 41,000+ colors and a resolution of 260×260 pixels. Display area is up 18% compared to
Approach S60. The display practically does not dim in the bright sun, and the main functionality of the clock is dedicated to fitness.

However, information about the “iron” of reasonable hours is very scanty. We only know that the owner of the novelty has 1 GB of memory. And a powerful battery lets you work in GPS mode “smart” hours before
20 hours and up to two weeks in standby.

The key golf feature of the Approach S62 is Virtual Caddie. The program helps you to choose the right stick for hitting based on the typical range of blows given by the stick and wind parameters (speed and
direction). Complementing this feature is the PlaysLike Distance program, which allows you to determine on the map where to aim and obstacles on the way to the hole, as well as the impact range given
field bias.

Also in the “smart” clock has an AutoShot tracking feature. It measures and automatically records the impact range. You need to access additional automatic game monitoring features
Establish a clock pairing with compatible sensors for the Approach CT10 keys. In addition, golf collects statistics.

Yes, it allows you to analyze and view the game using the statistics widget; the data is calculated in the Garmin Golf application, and then there is a clock transmission. In this section you can
track sports performance. These include the handicap index, the percentage of hits and misses on the fairways, the percentage of hits and misses for the baseline hit. And also the percentage of green regulation
(Hit the target with the planned number of hits).

For successful use of golf on this watch, the model contains more than 41 thousand color preloaded CourseView golf course maps worldwide. In addition to golf, the model Approach S62
has kept the basic functions of smartwatches needed in everyday life. These include the pulse rate measurement function on the wrist, the Pulse Ox sensor for determining blood oxygen saturation, and
also – Garmin Pay contactless payment system.

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