Google adds 50 new 3D animal models to its search engine

Google adds 50 new 3D animal models to its search engine

It became known that Google has significantly increased the number of virtual three-dimensional animal models that are available directly in the company’s search engine. Users can now interact with 50 new 3D animal models, including a virtual cow, hippo and giraffe. About this developers announced on your Twitter account.

The full list of animals was not announced, but it is known that in addition to the already mentioned cow, hippo and giraffe, models of a zebra, hippo, pig, as well as several dog breeds, including a bulldog, corgi, dachshund and beagle, have become available to users. Recall that Google began adding the first 3D animal models to the search engine in the middle of last year.

To interact with virtual animals, you need a modern smartphone. The user must enter the name of the animal of interest in the Google application or in the search engine of the Chrome browser, and then find a card with the image of the animal made using augmented reality technologies in the results of the issue. If you select the “View in 3D” option, the application uses the smartphone’s camera and takes the virtual animal into the real world, so that users can, for example, take unusual pictures with different animals in the background. Also, the user can interact with the 3D model to view the animal from all sides.

The fun Google search option should be seen as a break from everyday worries and a little fun. Obviously, in the future, developers will continue to add three-dimensional models of other animals to the search engine.

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