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Google and YouTube will be able to limit the display of alcohol and gambling ads, but for now only in the US

Google has added an option to its services to limit the display of alcohol and gambling ads. Writes about this Search Engine Land. The first service in which the function will appear will be YouTube, but so far it is only available to users in the United States. When it will appear in other countries, it is not specified.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab

Google worked with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking to create this option, which includes producers of beer, wine and spirits. It can be activated in the ad settings. It will only affect countries where such advertising is allowed.

“Members of the association are determined to give people more control over whether they see alcohol advertisements on the Internet. Respecting personal preferences and recognizing cultural differences requires sensitivity, so we hope this partnership will be the beginning of something new. “– said the CEO of IARD Henry Ashworth (Henry Ashworth).

It is important to note that the Google option is intended to reduce the number of ads, not to completely eliminate it. The publication notes that it is almost impossible to completely limit the display of ads in these categories.

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