Google Assistant will receive a “Memory” function for storing everything in general

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for Google Assistant called Memory. It is a combination of a to-do list, a note-taking app, a reading list, and a Pinterest-style data board. This feature is currently undergoing internal testing at Google.


According to 9to5Google, Memory can store a wide variety of content types, including articles, books, contacts, events, flights, hotels, images, movies, music, notes, photos, places, playlists, foods, recipes, reminders, restaurants , screenshots, TV shows, videos and websites.


Although Google Assistant already has a similar feature, it is only suitable for storing simple data. Memory is a much more powerful tool. Its idea is to provide the user with a single storage space for any important and not very data with the ability to sort it. An interesting feature of “Memory” will be providing contextual information: for saved recipes, the function will show the cooking time, and a link to the trailer will be attached to the movie. Quick preview cards will be available for documents. To save data in the “Memory” you can use a voice command or a special shortcut.

The Memory feature is still in early testing and Google is not ready to announce any plans for its public debut.

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