Google decided to postpone the closure of the Chrome Apps project

Google decided to postpone the closure of the Chrome Apps project

In January of this year, Google announced its intention to drop support for Chrome Apps. From March of this year, it was planned to stop accepting new products in the Chrome Web Store, and by the end of the year – to completely stop supporting them on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. The other day the company reconsidered its decision and extended support for Chrome Apps for a longer period.

Applications Chrome Apps implemented with using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and provide full functionality comparable to traditional software solutions.

On Monday, Google announced in its blog that it is extending support for Chrome apps for a longer period. For general users of Windows, Linux and macOS, support has been extended until June 2021, and for corporate customers it will continue until June 2022. Chrome OS users, regardless of account tier, will receive support until June 2022.

Google also clarified that app developers will be able to add new and update existing apps to the Chrome Web Store over the next two years. However, by June 2022, the platform will be completely decommissioned.

“The Chrome Web Store will stop accepting new and updated private and obsolete Chrome apps. End of support for Chrome Apps, NaCl, PNaCl and PPAPI for all platforms “, – noted in the blog of the company.

Google also announced that the changes only apply to Chrome Apps. The company will continue to support familiar extensions (Chrome Extensions) for the Chrome browser.

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