Google Duo has learned to translate the interlocutor's speech into subtitles during voice and video calls

Google Duo has learned to translate the interlocutor’s speech into subtitles during voice and video calls

It became known that Google has begun rolling out a new feature for the Duo application, which will make it more comfortable to interact with the service for deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as in noisy places. We are talking about the support of subtitles, which will help in any situation to understand what the interlocutor is saying.

The developers announced the appearance of subtitling support in the Duo application on their Twitter account. The app will still not have real-time call recording capabilities. However, the new function will be useful for hearing impaired people, as well as users who communicate in noisy places where it is not easy to hear what the interlocutor is saying.

It is worth noting that the development of this function was reported back in February of this year by IT specialist and application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who discovered the mentioned tool in one of the test versions of Duo. Then it was reported about a function called “Signatures to messages”, in the description of which it was said that when it is activated, the audio content will be sent to Google’s servers for transcription, but the company will not store it. When this feature is active, subtitles are displayed directly above the call button at the bottom of the screen.

The source notes that the Duo does not use Live Captions, which is used to display subtitles when playing any multimedia content on Pixel devices, to implement subtitles in Duo. The feature is currently still in the distribution phase. It will soon be available to all Duo users on Android and iOS devices.

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