Google first unveiled YouTube

Google first unveiled YouTube’s revenue

Anna Savelyeva

This is the first disclosure in almost 14 years since the purchase of the video service. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Alphabet reported how much the platform brought over this period and year.

According to reports, in the fourth quarter, YouTube advertising revenue amounted to 4.72 billion
dollars. For the year, the service brought in 36% more than in 2018 – $ 15.15 billion. You can see from the figures above that premium non-advertising subscriptions and Music Premium buy more than 20
million people. Combining its revenue with the sale of Pixel smartphones and Google Home smart speakers, the “Other” category was earned, yielding $ 5.26 billion in the fourth quarter.

This is the first data since 2006 when Google acquired YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. However, the profits that the video service brings, the company has not disclosed. Comparing the results with others
giants over the same period, we see that the video service has managed to exceed Twitch six times six times, but they are still, surprisingly, five times smaller than Facebook. In general, in general
Revenue for the quarter, Alphabet fell short of investor expectations, showing the slowest growth of 17.3% over the past few years. The amount was $ 46.08 billion instead of the expected $ 46.94 billion
but net profit reached $ 10.67 billion, higher than the expected $ 8.78 billion

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