Google has developed headphones with a touch wire to control music

Google has developed headphones with a touch wire to control music

Researchers from Google Research have developed a “smart” I / O braid wire that recognizes user touch. He is able to capture the squeezing, twisting and simple touches of any person. Feeling different types of touches, the wire used in the headphones gives the smartphone commands to increase and decrease the volume, switch the track and perform other actions. The principle of operation of I / O braid is shown in the video below.

The wire recognizes the touch thanks to the plexus consisting of the sensor wires, referred to as the “spiral sensor matrix”. A braid covers the entire surface of the lace, so the user can control the music by touching any area.

The ability to distinguish between different types of touches was realized using machine learning. Data for training was collected with the help of volunteers who were asked in various ways to interact with the wire. Ultimately, thanks to the collected data, I / O braid learned to recognize twisting, compression and other types of deformation with 94% accuracy.

Researchers came up with gestures for controlling music on a smartphone:

  • single press – start playback and pause;
  • double tap – go to the next track;
  • twisting to the left – decrease the volume;
  • twisting to the right – increase the volume.

According to the inventors, twisting and squeezing the wire of the headphones is much easier than pressing the control keys on the headphones. However, this control method has a big minus – during walking, the wire is deformed by itself, which causes false positives.

Be that as it may, at the moment I / O braid is just a research project, and serial headphones with “smart” wires are unlikely to go on sale in the near future.

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