«Умные» очки Focals компании North

Google hijacked Canadian Focals smart glasses developer Amazon

Yesterday, Alphabet (Google) acquired the Canadian startup North. Prior to this, North was partially funded by Amazon. This year, Canadians planned to release a new version of Focals 2.0 glasses, but Google’s actions crossed out these plans. It is possible that now Focals 2.0 smart glasses or their modifications will appear under the name Google Glass.

North Focals Smart Glasses

North Focals Smart Glasses

Google’s takeover of North follows the Internet computing community’s initiatives. According to Google, the user does not need to be tech savvy. All computing and smart devices around it should work together and provide the user with convenient access to data. For example, through smart glasses. True, the price tag for the first generation of Google Glass glasses turned out to be such that only corporate customers could pull it.

North began shipping the first generation of Focals branded eyeglasses last September. The previously set price for the device was $ 1000, but in February of this year dropped to $ 600. Focals glasses project various information transmitted from a smartphone onto the lenses and do not block the environment. Google Glasses work the same way.

Officially, Google does not disclose the purchase price of North and its assets. According to sources, Google paid the owners of North $ 180 million. This is less than the Canadians collected during all rounds of investment during its existence ($ 200 million was raised). But this is not surprising, things were not going well with the company. Still, smart glasses are a new and unknown business with the highest risks.

According to Google, companies will need North’s technical knowledge and skills to develop “computing environments.” The North team will not change locations and will continue to work in Canada. We look forward to the upcoming appearance of the “Canadian” version of Google Glass glasses.

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