Google Home smart column discontinued four years after release

The Google Home smart column was introduced in 2016. By modern standards, this is a rather old device. And so, a few weeks after the cost of the speaker was temporarily reduced to an absolute minimum of $ 29, information appeared in the official Google online store that the device was no longer available.

Despite its advanced age, Google Home was in fairly high demand among consumers. The device, which was introduced on May 18, 2016, is the first smart speaker presented by the search giant. Its feature was the integrated voice assistant Google Assistant, with which the user interacts with the device. The speaker competed in the market with products such as Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod, but it was noticeably cheaper.

At the moment, it is not known when Google will introduce the next generation of branded smart speakers. It is likely that it will be released under the brand Nest, also owned by the search giant. Earlier it was also reported that under the Nest brand, the company’s smart TV set-top box will be released, designed to replace the losing popularity of Chromecast in the market.

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