Google prepares for long-term coronavirus pandemic

Google is preparing for a long-term coronavirus pandemic. IT Market

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Natalia Solovieva | 07/31/2020

Google prepares for long-term coronavirus pandemic

Search giant Google intends to maintain the remote work mode for almost another year, until July 2021. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, this
the decision will affect almost all full-time employees of Alphabet holding (parent company of Google) and its divisions, which number about 200 thousand people, as well as employees,
working under contracts.

True, back in May of this year it was assumed that Google employees who switched to work from home in March, in the very
the beginning of the spread of the pandemic, will be able to return to their workplaces in offices as early as June or July. For those who wish, the leadership will give the opportunity to remain on the “remote” until the end of 2020.
However, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, according to The Wall Street Journal, found previous forecasts for COVID-19 too optimistic.

The head of the holding explained such a decisive extension of the remote mode by his intention to make life easier for employees with children, for whom parents could not plan a study due to
the uncertainty created by the pandemic. A number of other employees, having the opportunity to work remotely, will be able to abandon expensive rental housing and move to where apartments are cheaper.

As experts say in the media, by taking measures to delay the return to normal, familiar life, the search giant receives the status of the first large corporation in the United States, which decided on
establishing such a long schedule of remote work. In addition, Alphabet is thus increasing pressure on other tech giants who are planning a comeback.
staff in offices for January next year. And finally, the decision to extend the remote work policy for next year is a kind of indication that the leadership of the IT giant
preparing for a prolonged pandemic.

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