Google Maps introduces indoor navigation with augmented reality elements

Google Maps introduces indoor navigation with augmented reality elements

Google updated its map service this week with a number of useful features. For example, drivers can now choose sustainable driving routes in Google Maps. Moving around unfamiliar spaces will also be made easier with a new navigation feature powered by artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Street View.

In a message from Google developers, it is said that to determine the position of the user, a special AI algorithm scans tens of billions of images from Street View. Thanks to new technologies, the service can determine the exact height and location of objects inside buildings, making it possible for users to navigate even the most complex objects, such as airports, train stations and shopping centers. Thus, the Live View system works effectively both outdoors and indoors.

If you are preparing to board a plane or train, Live View will help you find the nearest elevator and escalators, access to the platform, baggage claim area, check-in counters, ticket offices, toilets, ATMs, etc. Arrows and accompanying tips in augmented reality will help you choose the right route movement“, – said in a message from Google.

At this stage, indoor navigation is available to Android and iOS device users in select malls throughout the United States. In the future, Google will launch it in Tokyo and Zurich, and later in other cities in different regions of the world.

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