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Google promises to provide home office refugees with quiet jobs

The public address of the head of Google to the company’s employees made it possible to understand that the remote work mode will be maintained until September 1, 2021, in the future, most employees will be able to work on a flexible schedule, staying at home up to two days a week. For those who are unable to work productively at home, there will be secluded office workspaces.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

The full text of the message from CEO Sundar Pichai to Google employees was published by CNBC. It follows from it that the Internet giant is not ready to blindly follow the example of Facebook and Twitter, which promise to keep the possibility of remote work indefinitely for those who wish. According to the head of Google, office collaboration is an important part of corporate culture, and it will remain so in the future. Google staff are required to live within transport accessibility of the office to which they are assigned.

The pilot project of a “hybrid form” of work organization will not apply to those positions that require constant contact with customers or employees of data centers, as well as various laboratories that require constant work with specific equipment. To improve the efficiency of communication between employees in the office and their colleagues located at home, Google will improve software tools for collaboration.

Small groups of staff will be able to hold meetings in dedicated rooms; for larger meetings, an outdoor meeting format should be used. Those who are unable to achieve acceptable conditions for secluded work at home will be given the opportunity to reserve separate office space. The urgency of such measures, according to the head of Google, the company was prompted by the experience of the first months of the pandemic.

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