Google redesigned the OS interface for TVs and now it’s Google TV

Today, along with the new Chromecast TV box, the search giant has unveiled a new “skin” for Google TV smart TVs to the general public. It boasts a user-friendly interface that provides intuitive navigation and an extensive selection of content for every taste.


The homepage of the new interface will feature recommendations from popular streaming channels such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. In addition, the list of recommendations will also display content from channels that the user will add himself. About two-thirds of the home screen will be taken up by show recommendations based on previous videos you watched.


Tabs at the top of the screen are designed to make it easier to navigate through sections such as Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Custom Content Library. Google said that Google TV uses new search algorithms to help the system better understand user preferences. In addition, from today, Google TV will be available as an app for Android devices.

It’s worth noting that Android TV is not going anywhere with the release of Google TV, since the new shell is essentially just an add-on to the Android TV operating system. Google TV is expected to become a consumer-oriented brand. The search giant announced that Sony and other manufacturers will introduce TVs with an integrated Google TV interface next year.

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