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Google releases first Android 12 beta for developers

As expected, Google released the Android 12 Developer Preview for developers this week. A few days earlier, screenshots of the new version of the mobile OS appeared on the Internet, and then more details. Now the search giant’s novelty can be tested by any owner of a Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 4a 5G or 5 smartphone.

Image source: XDA Devolopers

Image source: XDA Devolopers

The first users who installed Android 12 Developer Preview for themselves note that in the developer version the interface has been updated only partially – Google has introduced a new design for the notification section, as well as some system applications, for example, settings. The mini-player, which is displayed when playing music on the lock screen, has “played” in a new way.

The operating system interface has become better optimized for one-handed operation. The main functional elements have been shifted to half the screen. A similar solution was previously used by Samsung in the proprietary One UI shell.

Among the innovations that are hidden inside the Android 12 Developer Preview, we can note a deeper integration of the tactile feedback function into applications. Also, the developers have made a single API that will allow you to insert any information simultaneously from all available sources (for example, the clipboard and keyboard). Google promises that the HEVC video format will gradually be supported by more apps. At the same time, manufacturers of set-top boxes for Android TV in March will be required to integrate native format support into their devices.

There is also information that Google has optimized the Foreground feature, which controls applications running in the background. WebView integrates support for the new SameSite cookie format. Such a solution should make the use of websites safer.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Starting in February until fall 2021, Google plans to release one Android 12 update every month. In May, the first beta release will be released, in which more innovations are expected, as the Developer Preview is primarily aimed at developers to optimize their applications for the new version of the mobile platform.

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