Google Stops Selling Cardboard Cheap Cardboard VR Headset

Google was one of the first companies to predict a great future for mobile virtual reality technologies, but these dreams are gradually coming to an end. Back in 2019, the company stopped development of the Cardboard SDK and opened its source code. Now it has completely stopped selling Cardboard VR glasses.

Google introduced an extremely simple and very affordable VR headset Cardboard, which provides for the use of a smartphone as a device for image processing and display, back in 2014. Until now, it could be purchased from the Google Store. However, the product page now says the following:

We no longer sell Google Cardboard in the Google Store. We will continue to help the community create new experiences with our open source Cardboard project.

However, those interested can still purchase third-party solutions based on the Google Cardboard specifications. Unfortunately, Google itself hasn’t shown much interest in VR lately. The more advanced Daydream View platform, introduced by Google in 2016, has long been abandoned by the company. Instead, the search giant has focused on augmented reality. AR apps don’t require bulky additional hardware, and Google already offers several products in this category, such as Live View in branded maps.

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