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Google turns its back on American oil miners at the call of nature

Supercomputers are widely used in industries related to mining. But now a curious precedent has arisen: the provider of computing resources is ready to turn its back on a solvent client for reputation reasons. Google has refused to service American oil producers, although it previously provided them with cloud computing power.

Image Source: Vostok

Image Source: Vostok

The impetus for such a decision, according to CNBC, was the publication by Greenpeace of a report on the depth of Google’s collaboration with international hydrocarbon companies in the United States: Shell, BP and ExxonMobil. Artificial intelligence systems adapted to the needs of resource-mining companies are supplied by Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

For Google, caring for the environment has become one of the priorities in carrying out business activities, and since 2007 it can boast of a zero carbon footprint, since it actively purchases electricity from renewable sources. Microsoft has intentions to move to a negative carbon footprint from 2030, and Amazon is trying to achieve a “neutral” carbon footprint by 2040.

In addition to this, Google has now almost completely abandoned contracts with oil companies, with the exception of servicing existing ones; Amazon prefers to cooperate in the field of computing, necessary only for the phases of processing and transportation of petroleum products and raw materials; and only Microsoft has the largest and most diverse portfolio of contracts. The last of the companies calls for a sober assessment of the situation, since now it is impossible to completely abandon the processing of fossil resources for energy. On the other hand, Microsoft does not deny the importance of a phased transition to renewable energy, but without fanaticism and sacrifice for the existing way of life of mankind.

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